Before Colorbond Roof Renovation Bitcon WAAfter Colorbond Roof renovation Bicton WA


Leaky Roof Restoration Bicton – East Fremantle

When we arrived on site in Bicton last week the team at Frematle Roofing Services was contracted to replace an old tin laundry roof. This little Tin laundry roof was for a block of units in East Fremantle.  Tin roofing is very common throughout the Fremantle area whether it be on unit complexes, government buildings or maybe just your old laundry roof. This old roof was corroded and starting to leak creating dampness and water ingress which was pretty inconvenient for the tenants. It was also pretty ugly as it was on the lower level of a double story complex making it was very visible and unsightly for the residents.

Once on the job, the team removed the old steel roof and replaced it with off white super deck roof sheeting which is a blue scope steel Colorbond product. The blue scope steel is far superior to the older material used in trim deck style roofing as they are weather resistant and designed for the tough Australian conditions. There is also a huge range of colours to choose from so your roof can also create an appealing look as well as keeping the elements out.

Colorbond roofing can be a very cost effective solution for fixing leaks in any roof. If you require assistance in fixing or replacing a leaking roof feel free to reach out to us for assistance today.