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Frequently asked questions in the roofing industry

View our Frequently Asked Questions below. For any other enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0400 854 758 or e-mail us at

Do Fremantle Roofing services work all over Perth?2018-08-01T13:04:21+08:00

Yes we do.

Do you provide obligation free quotes?2018-08-01T13:05:25+08:00

Yes we do

Are the painters registered?2018-08-01T13:08:13+08:00

Yes Fremantle Roofing Services are accredited Dulux roof membrane applicators.

Can my roof be restored?2018-08-01T13:09:18+08:00

The large majority of roofs can be restored, providing the timber or steel frame work under the tiles is sound.

How Long will the color last?2018-08-01T13:18:12+08:00

Dulux guarantee your roof color will remain strong for 10 years however you can expect you new paint to last a lot longer, Dulux invest a lot of money in their product ensuring it remains an industry leader, lm not sure smaller companies can match.

How long will it take?2018-08-01T13:17:22+08:00

The restoration will generally take 3 days of course this is dependent on suitable weather.

What color’s can I choose?2018-08-01T13:17:52+08:00

Dulux have a large range of colors to choose from. High Gloss or Satin finishes are also available, see attached link for color range.

What type of coating do you use?2018-08-01T13:17:04+08:00

Dulux is the industry leader providing the best Roof membrane in the industry backed by a Ten year guarantee.

Click the link below to find out more.

How much does a roof restoration cost?2018-08-01T13:16:30+08:00

Obviously the cost will vary depending on the size of the roof and the work required. Things like broken tiles, rusted valley irons loose ridge capping will all have an impact of the price of your roof restoration. However on an average 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house you can expect the price to vary between $2500-$4500.

Will a roof restoration stop my roof from deteriorating?2018-08-01T13:18:47+08:00

Yes, the application of Dulux Acratex will provide a protective coating on the surface of you roof preventing further deterioration and inhibit the growth of lichen

What payment options are available?2018-08-01T13:19:06+08:00

Visa, Master card, Direct debit, Cash

Do I need to remove things like solar panels and pool heating systems?2018-08-01T13:19:29+08:00

Not necessarily if you would prefer we can generally cover them to prevent overspray.

Will there be any overspray?2018-08-01T13:19:48+08:00

No, prior to painting we will cover all areas required to prevent overspray

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