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Colorbond Roofing Colours

Colorbond steel is the next generation of roofing material and is the ideal roofing solution for the hot climate of Australia. The outstanding performance, durability, and wide range of available colours make Colorbond an excellent choice for your home.   With over 22 colours to choose from, Colorbond roofing colours are versatile. You can combine colors to your heart’s content, or you can opt for a single roof colour scheme. No matter what color you choose, you will get all the structural and thermal benefits of Colorbond steel.   If you are looking for Colorbond roofing colour options or a roof restoration, contact Fremantle Roofing Services today to request a free quote! Get Your Free Quote Colorbond Roof Colors One thing that distinguishes Colorbond from its competitors is the wide range of available colour tones and finishes. Colorbond steel paint uses a special primer base that bakes the color directly into the steel. As such, Colorbond roof colours are extremely durable and will not fade from sunlight or inclement weather.   Colorbond first emerged in 1966 and has since changed significantly. Colorbond introduced its new ACTIVATE technology in 2013 and reworked the manufacturing process to make an even more durable version of steel.   There is a good reason Colorbond steel is one of the most popular roofing choices in Perth. Colorbond steel is uniquely suited for life in Australia and provides an affordable, reliable, and energy-efficient roofing choice. Why Choose Colorbond Steel? Durability Colorbond steel is tough and long-lasting. A Colorbond steel roof can last an entire lifetime if properly maintained. Most traditional shingle roofs only last about 20 years, whereas a Colorbond steel roof can easily [...]

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What Types of Roofs Are Common in Perth?

Drive through any modern neighborhood, and you will see several houses with distinct roofing shapes. Far from being solely aesthetic, the different roof types all have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right roof type for your home is a crucial decision all homeowners will have to face.   The team at Fremantle Roofing Services put together this article on the different roof types in Perth to introduce popular roof types and talk about their pros and cons. Get Your Free Quote Types of Roofs There are several different types of roofs to choose from when it comes time to replace your roof. Here are some of the most common roof types in Australia. Flat Roof Flat roofs are among the most common roof types and consist of a cement base layer and a top layer. Common materials for top layers include modified bitumen and single-layer membranes. Strictly speaking, flat roofs are rarely ever perfectly flat but often have a gradual slope since the roof requires an angle to drain water correctly.  Pitched Roof Pitched roofs are another common roof type and have two panels that meet at a ridge and slope downwards. The term “pitch” refers to the roof's slope and is equal to the vertical height divided by the horizontal length.  A pitched roof is excellent for resisting water and other weather such as snow or sleet due to the steep slope of the panels. They are among the most durable and cost-efficient roof types in Perth.  Curved Roof As the name implies, curved roofs have a rounded appearance, thick base, and sloping structure. Curved roofs are aesthetically pleasing, but they can be more expensive than other roof [...]

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What’s Involved in a Tile Roof Restoration in Perth?

The roof is one of the most important structural components of a home and requires continual care and maintenance. Like every part of your home, tile roofs break down over time, and it’s in your best interest to service a broken roof as quickly as possible.   Fremantle Roofing Services offers tile roof restoration services in Perth. If your tile roof is starting to show signs of aging or wear, give us a call – we’ll take care of it quickly and professionally! Get Your Free Quote What Is a Tile Roof Restoration? The purpose of a tile roof restoration is to repair and renovation your tile roof. Unlike a replacement, roof restoration restores the quality of the existing materials. A roof restoration can add up to 15 years to the lifespan of your roof and can prevent future issues.   Roof restorations are also different from roof repairs. Repairs only cover a specific area, while a restoration protects the entire roof. You can think of a roof restoration like a facelift – it can breathe new life into your roof and increase its lifespan.  What’s Involved in a Tile Roof Restoration? At Fremantle Roofing Services, we have a specific method for restoring roofs.  First, we will perform a visual inspection to identify issues and problem areas. Next, we will replace any broken or cracked tiles. We check for water damage and replace broken tiles to remove cracks so we can properly seal the roof.   Next, we will perform a deep clean. We will remove all dirt and debris from your roof and sanitize it to kill mold and algae growths. Mold [...]

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How to Clean a Colorbond Roof in Perth

Colorbond steel is a popular roofing choice in Australia due to its durability and heat resistance. Like any roofing material, you need to regularly clean your Colorbond roof to keep it in optimal condition.   Colorbond is a special kind of steel, and many homeowners are unsure how to clean it. Luckily, the team at Fremantle Roofing Services is here to provide some tips on how to clean a Colorbond roof. What Is Colorbond Steel? Colorbond steel is a special kind of high-performance steel known for its durability and thermal properties. Colorbond steel consists of five distinct layers:     High-grade steel base     A layer of BlueScope’s Activate technology     Pretreatment layer     Polyester primer     Speciality topcoat BlueScope uses a patented process to produce Colorbond steel, which gives the metal an extremely high-tensile strength. Colorbond steel is not only tough but is also highly resistant to weathering and corrosion.  Colorbond is also thermally efficient and can regulate the temperature of your home during the winter or summer. Moreover, Colorbond has 22 distinct colour options to choose from. Overall, Colorbond is an excellent choice for the coastal climate of areas such as Perth. Advantages of Colorbond Steel Colorbond steel has several advantages over traditional roofing materials, such as:  Durability First off, Colorbond steel has extremely high tensile strength and is resistant to scratching and impacts. BlueScope’s unique molding process reinforces the steel, making it stronger than normal.  Heat-Resistance Colorbond steel also has excellent thermal regulation properties. A Colorbond roof can insulate your home during the winter and summer, saving you money on heating and cooling costs.  Corrosion Resistance [...]

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How Much Does a Roof Restoration Cost in Perth?

Like any part of your home, your roof needs proper maintenance and care. Roofing tiles can break down and degrade under the intense Australian sun and weather. If your roof has sustained damage, then you should consider getting a roof restoration. Fremantle Roofing Services offers comprehensive roofing restoration services in and around Perth. Many people don’t realize what goes into repairing a roof, so we put together this article on roof restoration costs and what to expect with your next roof renovation.  What Is Roof Restoration? No matter what kind of roof you have, it will eventually start to show signs of aging. Roof restorations aim to improve the condition of your roof by repairing cracks, replacing shingles, and removing damaged sections. Roof restoration is often a cheaper alternative to a complete roof replacement and can breathe new life into your home.  Roof repairs are critical as a damaged roof can be dangerous for you and your family’s health and safety. Damaged roofs attract pests or mould and can cause leaking and water damage during inclement weather. Experts recommend considering a roof restoration about once every twenty years. How Much Does Roof Restoration Cost? One of the most important questions our clients have is: How much does roof restoration cost The exact answer depends on the type of roof and the extent of the damage. However, most homeowners can expect to pay anywhere between $16-$25 per square meter for roof repairs. If you have speciality roofing material such as a Colorbond roof or a tile roof, you can expect to pay approximately $60 to $70 per square meter.   Given that the [...]

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Heat Reflective Roof Paint

A key way to keep your roof and your home cooler is using heat reflective roof paint. There's been a lot of scientific research and case studies to back up the impact of utilising heat reflective coating on your roof in recent years. Applying this coating to your roof can make your home more energy-efficient and cut down how much power you are utilising on airconditioning. If you're looking for answers to the most frequently asked questions about the purpose and effectiveness of coating your roof with heat reflective paint, then carry on reading. Your Roof and Heat Reflection Several factors have contributed to the growing awareness of the impact of climate change and global warming as well as the importance of assessing energy consumption and energy efficiency. More people are thinking about going green, and with rising energy costs, it's never been more crucial to save energy. Much of the electricity bill of the average household goes towards heating. People need to insulate their homes and keep heat in, especially in places when the winter temperatures reach freezing conditions. During the hot summer months, cooling the home in the most energy-efficient method is also vital. A major contributor to the heating capabilities of any building is the roof. Both the material and the colour of the roof can drive up your heating and cooling spending or cut them down significantly. One of the key ways to cool the roof down is using heat reflective paint. We are going to look at some of the figures that back this up. How to Cool Your Roof We know that a cool roof is good for making the inside of a building more temperate. The most effective [...]

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How to Remove Lichen From Roof Tiles

The Roof Cleaning Process Lichen does not only grow in sidewalks, pavers, decks and outside furniture. It also grows on your roof and can lead to potential water damage if left untreated. There are various ways to remove lichen from your roof with the use of vinegar, bleach and dish soap solution. It involves a lot of scrubbing, so get ready! On the other hand, professional help is still the best move to ensure that your roof is free from lichen and different types of unwanted plants. For this article, we’ll talk about the different ways to remove lichen from roof tiles and how to prevent lichen regrowth. What is a lichen? Lichen is formed when algae and fungus are in close physical contact with one another. They grow in water, air, nutrients, light and substrates. It’s no surprise your roof is one of their substrates because of the sunlight! Lichens need light to grow and reproduce. The amount of light they need also varies, which is also the main reason why they have different colours. Don’t worry too much! Lichen growth can be prevented by choosing the best type of roofing material that can inhibit its growth. Ways to Safely Remove Lichen From Roof Tiles Okay, now you know a little background about lichens. Let’s get to work! Here’s a warning: It can be quite tough to remove lichen from their substrates (surfaces) due to the symbiotic relationship between fungus and algae. In short, lichens are firmly attached to their substrates. Nevertheless, you’ve got to give it a go to [...]

Have you seen these box gutter problems?

As the name suggests, box gutters have “boxed sides” with a flat square-shaped base. It is commonly used in buildings to maintain a good drainage flow in the roof. What’s so special about box gutters? What are the common issues that you may encounter with box gutters? In this article, we’ll touch some of the underlying box gutter problems and ways to fix them. We will also discuss the importance of proper gutter installation. Before we move on Fremantle Roofing Services are expert roof restoration and repair specialists in Perth WA and we can help you with all your roofing problems. If you’re ready, let’s begin! The Importance of Gutters Out of sight, out of mind... Gutters are not usually seen, but it is one of the most vital parts of your home. Without it, you’re looking at a plethora of roof drainage issues. Unsurprisingly, gutters are one of the most overlooked parts of your home. They shouldn’t be! Gutter cleaning is important to maintain the state of your roofing system. Gutters protect the foundation of your home by diverting rainwater away. Think about it… without the rain gutters or eaves box gutters, heavy rain can penetrate the windows, doors and even the foundation of your home. It can lead to the deterioration of roof structure - and even to a collapsed roof! So, it is always best to check the guttering system of your home once in a while! Common Box Gutter Issues and How to Fix it Here are the top box gutter issues every homeowner should be aware of: Leaks Leaks occur anywhere on the box gutter, especially near the areas leading to the downspout. One for that is, the metal [...]

How to Avoid Box Gutter Problems

No matter what kind of box gutter you have, you need to prepare yourself to face some issues in the future. And hopefully prevent it, in the long run! Leaks, holes and saggy gutters are common issues that you may encounter in the future. It is essential to be aware of those issues now and prepare yourself on how to fix it when it comes. If you need help with roof repairs you can find out more here. In this article, I will share a few ideas on how to avoid potential box gutter issues which can save you from expensive repairs. Ready? Let’s begin! Focus on quality, not quantity! I can read your mind… As a thrifty homeowner, you always tend to look for cheaper deals which sometimes compromise the quality and performance of the guttering system. Cheap and low-quality gutters are associated with problems in design which can affect its performance. Undersized box guttering system can lead to potential issues such as water spills. The overflowing amount of water in the gutter can eventually penetrate the windows, doors and ceiling of your home. Such a problem can lead to deterioration of house structure if ignored for a more extended period. It is always worth investing in high-quality and affordable box gutters to avoid expensive repairs and accidents such as a collapsed roof. Get professional help. DIY box gutter installation sounds like an exciting activity to kill time during the COVID-19 quarantine period. I don’t blame homeowners for doing so… On the other hand, installation mistakes are inevitable if you do it yourself without enough training and skills. So, you need a backup to do alterations for you - which can cost a [...]

How to Install a Colorbond Roof

Congratulations on your new colorbond roof! You have made the right decision by choosing colorbond. It is an excellent choice, next to aluminium, steel and metal roofing. It is also a popular roofing choice for residential and commercial property owners because it is corrosive resistant, stylish and cost-effective. Plus it is a perfect choice for battling against the harsh Australian weather! Trivia: Did you know that colorbond is one of the most popular roofing choices in Australia? Sleek design and thermal performance are amongst the reasons why it is a popular choice for Australian homeowners. Colorbond roofing comes in various colours and sizes and is also made of top quality steel sheets making it a perfect choice for people who live in areas with a harsh climate. No wonder it's the number one choice in Australia! Colorbond Roof Installation 101 So, how do roofers install the colorbond roof? First thing first, DIY colorbond roof installation is not recommended.  A small installation mistake can lead to an eyesore and may also end up costing a lot in alterations. So, it is best to get professional help! Here's the step by step process for colorbond installation: Install the guttering and fascias. Install the sarking or roofing blanket. Layout the sheets and mark it with a chalk line. Clean the roof. Guttering and Fascias There is a wide variety of styles, sizes, designs and profiles for gutters, fascia and downpipes these can complement a colorbond roof. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer so be sure to check it properly and be content that you have made the right choice before the installation.  You can also ask the supplier for the best profile and size [...]