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Fremantle Roofing Services provides roof cleaning in Perth, roof moss removal, roof and gutter cleaning and many other types of roof restoration work. If your roof looks dirty and run down; or if you need immediate roof cleaning advice, Fremantle Roofing Services is your best choice!

Fremantle Roofing Services provide a complete service; we believe roof cleaning can make an incredible impact on the appearance of your home. The removal of dirt, moss and lichen will immediately freshen up the appearance of the roof bringing back the original color of your tiles. In many cases the build up of moss and lichen can inhibit the water channels on your tiles; this can cause water to make its way between the tiles and created water damage on your ceiling.

Gutter Pressure Cleaning

Fremantle Roofing Services can assist you with all your roofing needs. Gutter cleaning and filtering out all the leaves and other debris in your gutters should generally be done every 12 months, in some cases more if your roof is surrounded by deciduas trees.

We provide roof and gutter cleaning in Perth. Fremantle Roofing Services use a high-powered pressure cleaner to ensure that all dirt and debris are removed from your roof; once the roof wash is complete we make sure that the gutters and down pipes are thoroughly cleaned out. It’s critical to clear the gutters out after pressure cleaning the tiles as if left your gutters will not be capable of draining during rain which will cause water damage to your eaves.

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Roof Moss Removal

Roof cleaning enables us to clear all of the debris and dirt, including moss on the roof. In some cases excess mold and moss can lead to degradation of the roof structure. The buildup of moss over time can create a constant dampness in your roof creating internal mould; mould can also cause asthma and other respiratory illness, cleaning the roof and providing ventilation such as a whirlybird can prevent this issue.

With the use of a high-powered pressure cleaner, we can successfully remove mould and moss on the roof. We can also apply roof treatment which will kill any moss embedded in the surface of your tiles or tin to stop the growth of mold and moss. So, choose Fremantle Roofing Services for roof moss removal in Perth!

How Do We Clean Your Roof

The professional roofing team at Fremantle roofing services will first inspect your roof and gutters to identify whether any roof repairs or a restoration is required.

If there are any roof issues, we will perform any required maintenance so your roof wont leak so we can begin the roof cleaning process. To clean the tiles a 4000psi high pressure cleaning process is performed. This equipment will remove any dirt, lichen, or moss growth from the tile surface. There are no chemicals used during this high pressure clean, the entire process is 100 percent environmentally friendly and depending on roof size can take between 4 to 6 hours.

Before and After Our Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Cost

What is the price of our roof cleaning services? The cost on cleaning roofs varies considerably depending on a number of things. The size of your roof, the pitch of your roof the amount of dirt and moss on the tiles or tin, pools, neighbors proximity etc. In general the majority of homes range from small $500-$800 to large $800-$1500. Fremantle Roofing Services will always provide a written quote before carrying out any work on your home.

Fremantle Roofing Services specialises in roof cleaning with the use of premium quality cleaning products which are used when cleaning any roofing. We are happy to tell you that our roof cleaning services in Perth offer competitive free no obligation quotes.

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All work comes with a 10 year written guarantee on completion!

Fremantle Roofing Services use a range of quality roof paints, Dulux, Nutech, and others, the choice is yours! We are happy to give our opinion on which paint may suit you. We also supply a range of colour charts to make your choice easier. Need a Perth roof cleaning expert? Fremantle Roofing Services can help with specialist high pressure roof cleaning throughout the metro area.

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