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Fremantle Roofing Services has been operating since 1995, we specialize in all roof repairs, roof painting, and roof restoration big or small. We are a small team of qualified tradesmen who take pride in our work. And yes, we service most areas throughout Perth.

We specialize in cleaning, roof painting, ridge capping, leaks, and roof ventilation, we can replace guttering and downpipes no job is too big or too small. There are no salesmen in our team, the person you speak to is the same person who will carry out the work. We have spent many years building a reputation of providing quality work and we pride our self’s on that.

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Restoration Process
The Roof Restoration Process


Whirlybirds can reduce the summer heat inside your roof. They provide circulation of air and provide ventilation. They will help your insulation, therefore, cutting down the use of your air conditioning through the summer months. With a large selection of colours we can choose a whirlybird that suits your roof colour, see colours here.

During the long hot days of summer, the build up of heat within a roof space can rise to over 65 degrees Celsius. The installation of whirlybirds allows the trapped hot air to be extracted from within the roof and cool fresh air to be drawn in from outside.

During winter the build up of moisture within a roof can cause damage to the internal structures throughout a home. Ceiling mould is often the earliest indication of a moisture problem.

With whirlybirds installed, fresh air is constantly being circulated throughout the roof, keeping the internal structures of your home dry and preventing mould and rot from developing.

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