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Hail Damage on Your Roof

A hailstorm in Australia is not uncommon during this time of year. As a homeowner, you should beware of signs of roof damage resulting from weather problems. Every year, roofs are damaged by hailstones. Not only does your roof need maintenance, but so does your windows, shingles, and gutter. Here is What Can Be Done If your property is damaged due to a winter storm, you should file claims with your insurance company. Your home requires the right repairs, which you can afford more easily with an insurance cover. If there is damage to your roof caused by a storm, here is how you can solve these problems. How Much Does Insurance Pay for Hail Damage on Roof? Typically, if there is storm damage to your roof, one may take an insurance claim. Although estimated repairs tend to be around varied, it's common for companies to pay only $10,000. Damaged roofing from hail-related problems allows for shingles replacement. If your home is hit, you can also get repairs or a replacement for windows and gutters. What Does Hail Damage Look Like on Roof?  There are several ways you can tell hailstones damaged the roofing of your home. Check for dark-colored damage on your roofing; there is often random damage on your shingles since hailstones hit everywhere. Other signs of roof damage include shiny asphalt and loss of granules due to hail. Damage to Gutters The most visible signs, however, is damage to your gutters. Check to see if hail caused dents in your gutter. If you are sure winter storms caused roof damage, you may need immediate roof repairs. Why is Hail Damage Bad for a Roof? A damaged roof can often cause many problems. [...]

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Finding Good Quality Roofing Contractors

The roof of your home or business is a critical part of daily operations. If your roof is not up to par, some serious roadblocks can make their way into your routine. Of course, if you need a roof repair or a roof replacement, then you need to find a quality roofing contractor that you trust. However, that may be difficult if you don't know how to go about finding good contractors. Best Qualities for Roofing Contractors Quality roofing does not come at the snap of a finger. Behind every roof repair and or new installation, there are quality roofing companies with experienced professional roofing contractors. To choose the right one for you, consider some of the best qualities a contractor can have to provide you with a great experience. Shows Genuine Concern When you talk to contractors, notice if they show interest in your job rather than the money. A contractor who seems to lack urgency with their services may not offer the best quality. Understands Your Budget When hiring a roofing contractor, you need to make sure that they understand your budget and are not going to raise their rate in the middle of a project. If they get paid by the hour, then they need to understand the importance of efficiently completing repairs in a appropriate amount of time. Has Insurance and All Permits All professional roofing contractors should hold the necessary permits in order to work on your roof. Most of the time, their company ensures they have all the essential working requirements. You should also check to see if the roofing contractor is insured. Again, roofing companies often make sure their employees are protected while they work. Has Plenty [...]

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What Roofing Services Do You Need?

Your roof is a part of your building that tends to get overlooked. This is surprising given the importance that a roof has. "Keeping a roof over your head" is a literal quote used every day in relation to your house in general. While a lot of people don't give the condition of their roof a second thought, the fact that you're here means that you do. Perth weather tends to be harsh at the best of times, and your roof bears the brunt of that. There are a handful of services that you're going to need to get done every few years to help keep that damage from building up. Our roofing company can provide all of the roofing services we're about to talk about in Perth, Australia, so feel free to call us if any of these services sound like something you need. Emergency Roofing Emergency building roof repairs make up a large portion of the service jobs that our contractors provide. After a particularly nasty batch of weather, your roof can sustain serious damage that needs to be addressed immediately before any further roofing damage can be inflicted. Don't waste time getting this roofing issue resolved, or else you're going to need even more services. In extreme conditions, not getting an emergency building roofing repair can lead to you needing an entire roof replacement on your building. This obviously is a much longer and costlier project than a repair. Typical emergency roof repair services include broken roof tiles, leaking, building structural damage, and more. Roof Repairs Our roofing company is also fully capable of offering you roof repairs on all kinds of different roofs. We're able to work on the repair of your [...]

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The Importance of Repairing a Damaged Roof

It should go without saying that you need to repair a damaged roof as soon as possible. Not only is a damaged roof a safety hazard, but it's only going to cost you more to get it taken care of the longer you leave it. If you notice your roof has undergone damage, don't think that the problem isn't severe, and don't try to DIY it. Not only is this going to make the roof damage worse, but you can seriously injure yourself. Instead, give us a call, and we can send one of our professionals out to your house to repair the roof for you. We're able to perform all kinds of roof repairs regardless of how bad the damage is. Is it Better to Repair or Replace a Roof? Nine times out of 10, you're better off getting a roof repair. Roof repairs cost less, take up much less time, and aren't remotely as big of a project. You don't want your home immobilized by a several month-long roof replacement when all you had was a little spot of water damage. This is true most of the time, but not all of the time. There are cases where you're better off getting a roof replacement instead of a repair. This is particularly prevalent if you have an older home that hasn't undergone regular maintenance. General roofing problems are much more common in situations like this, meaning there's a chance that a single roofing repair job isn't going to be enough. It's important that you do get a replacement if your roof is beyond the point of repair. Water damage may lead to serious structural issues with your home, not just for your roofing. This [...]

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How to Cut Roof Tiles

Roof Tile Cutting How to Do you have a broken tile on your roof and have heaps of spare tiles laying around your home? At Fremantle roofing service we have but together this informative video to show you exactly how to cut and replace a roof tile correctly. For more information about roof repair please contact our team. Please be aware that roof repair and restoration can be a complex job and the advice of a professional is always advised.  The Roof Tile Cutting Process

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Roof Ventilation FAQ

Whirlybirds are the best option for proper ventilation in your home. Inadequate ventilation can lead to an uncomfortable living environment leading to mental and physical health problems. For whirlybirds installation and roof restoration in Perth, check out Fremantle Roofing Services. Get Your Free Quote What are whirlybirds? Whirlybirds are cylindrical domes that suck up hot air from the ceiling. It provides better air circulation in your ceiling and roofing system, giving your home a cooler temperature. There are two common types of whirlybirds - active and passive. Passive whirlybirds use the wind to spin the turbine while the active type is mechanically-driven. More people use the active turbine because it spins continuously despite the wind speed. Stale air can result in respiratory issues and can also become a problem for people with breathing difficulties. The uncomfortable living condition may take a toll on your health, leading to depression, anxiety and stress. Why do you need proper ventilation? Proper roof ventilation is needed not only to maintain good air quality inside your home but also to care for your roof. Poor air circulation in the roofing system can weaken some parts of your roof, leading to leaks and deteriorating structures. Proper ventilation is needed to remove the hot air that is confined in your roof. Installing whirlybirds are cost-effective and can also extend the lifespan of your roof for up to ten years. Advantages: Reduced energy consumption Whirlybirds suck up warm air into the air giving your home a cooler temperature, which means that you are less likely to use the airconditioning system. It can [...]

Roof Repair Hacks

 Roof repairs are essential aspects of maintaining a home. Homeowners invest in roof restorations and spend a lot of time planning for the repair. For roof restoration in Perth, check out Fremantle Roofing Services. It is not easy to maintain a roof. You need to spend a lot of time inspecting the roofing system to ensure that all damage points are covered. Professional help is highly recommended for the best results and it is always worth investing in professional roofing services. There are several easy roof repair hacks that may serve as your guide you throughout the roof repair process. Get Your Free Quote The top 5 Roof repair hacks for homeowners Clean the roof -  Clean the roof regularly or at least once a week. Keeping your roof clean can ensure better water flow in the roofing system. Remove debris and dirt from your roof. Make sure that the gutter system is clean and free from dirt. Cleaning the roof is vital to prevent blockage and leaks. The accumulation of water in your roof can lead to deteriorating materials or a collapsed roof. Repair as soon as you spot any damage - Smaller roof damages are cheaper to repair, while more significant damages are more expensive. It is wise to administer a quick fix as soon as you notice the issue. Bigger roof damage involves buying more materials and also requires more labour. Small damage includes fewer materials and less labour which can end up cheaper. Giving a solution to your roof issues as early as now can save you a lot of money. It also stops you from worrying about your family’s safety. [...]

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Affordable Roof Restorations

Do you need advice on how to acquire Affordable Roof Restorations? How can you achieve a cost-effective roofing system without overspending? How can you find the most suitable roofer to do the job? If you’re looking for affordable roof restorations in Perth WA, check out Fremantle Roofing Services! Let me share effective tips on how to acquire the most Affordable roof restorations in your area: Research.  Look around and ask. Find out the best roof restoration deals by getting recommendations from friends, families, neighbours, and acquaintances. (It is always the best way of getting reliable information.) You can also get information from the internet by searching for affordable roof restoration companies in your area. Always check customer reviews, services, and work references to ensure that you will be in good hands. Consider roof assessment.  A roof assessment should always be considered before starting any roof restoration job. With proper roof assessment, you will be informed about the damage to your roof, type of roof restoration, and the costs involved. Roof assessment is an important step in roof restoration as you will be presented with other options to preserve your damaged roof. Regular roof assessment is also needed to detect the damages in your roof and to administer quick fix which can result in cheaper roof restoration expenses. Set a budget. After deciding about the type of roof restoration that you need, you can proceed to budget planning. Set a reasonable budget and stick to it. (No matter what!) To get the right budget, you have to decide on the type of roof restoration and how much can you spend. You can also add a little bit to [...]

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