Why care about a part of your house you never even see? Whether you have an angled roof that makes a mere portion of your roof viewable or a flat roof that only the rare aerial shot can catch, you may be thinking, “is roof restoration worth it?”

The truth is, while one of the leading reasons for roof restorations, repairs, and replacements is for better aesthetics, an abundance of reasons exist as to why roofing work is a necessity. Keep reading below to find out why house roof restoration is not only worth it but can benefit you immensely in the long run.

How Can Roof Restorations Help with Future Costs?

Prevent the Need for Repairs and Replacements

Roof restorations are cheaper than roof replacements and repairs. Although restorations do not serve as an alternative for an already damaged roof, they can put off the need for replacements and repairs down the road.

Repairs indicate that more significant fixes are necessary for remedying holes and cracks or restoring a vast section of your roof that is missing ridge or tiles. On the other hand, a partial or full roof replacement means ripping out all the layers of your existing roof right down to the battens before adding tiles for a completely new look.

Either way, repairs and replacements contribute to larger bills compared to regularly scheduled maintenance and restoration visits. During restoration visits, roofing contractors will:

  • Clean and sterilise your roof by pressure washing the surface to get rid of dirt, grime, and mould buildup
  • Clear out your gutters
  • Inspect your roof for imperfections that can eventually lead to more extensive and more costly concerns

Catching minor-looking cracks or weakened areas from years of weathering can significantly extend the life of your roof.

Sidestep Spikes in Energy Bills

Is roof restoration worth it if it means smaller energy bills as well? Similar to how minor cracks can lead to more significant repairs and a deteriorating rooftop, they can also prove to be a costly insulation flaw.

While the temperatures rarely dip below a July low of 7.7 degrees Celsius, you want your heating system working when you need it most. So, if you’re experiencing cold spots or drafts in your home that an HVAC maintenance specialist can’t explain, call on a professional at Fremantle Roofing Services in Perth, WA, to inspect the insulation of your roof.

Likewise, keep yourself from turning up the air conditioning by keeping the 30+degree Celsius highs of February from entering your home. Getting your roof checked out by an expert will ensure your controlled indoor temperatures stay indoors and the harsh outdoor temperatures stay away from you and your loved ones.

Create Acceptable Roofing Condition for Insurance Companies

However, a spike in energy bills is nothing compared to an accident that leaves you without the money you need for a repair..

While many insurance companies cover your roof for damages caused by these situations, they’ll refuse to pay out if your roof was weak to begin with due to neglect. Proof of negligence by the residents include:

  • Clogged or rusted gutters
  • Excessive debris on the roof
  • Already existing cracks or holes

To prevent a lengthy investigation that may end in you paying out of pocket for damages, restore your roof for strength, durability, and proper insurance coverage.

How Can Roof Restorations Keep Undesirable Factors Out?

Intense Heat from the Sun

The dry and humid landscape in the land down under is nothing to scoff at, and with up to 14 hours of direct sunlight during the Perth summer months, you’ll quickly find the answer to the question, “is roof restoration worth it?”

Regular paint on your tin or tiles will not protect against the harmful UV rays. Not only will the sun’s intense rays dry out the paint, causing it to chip excessively, but it can fade your tiles quickly, using the correct paint in paramount for a longer lasting finish.

What’s more, as your roof absorbs the heat from scorching weather conditions, it releases those higher temperatures into your home, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere.

To deter UV rays, have a professional spray UV reflective paint like Coolzone Coatings on your roof during your next restoration, this can help reduce the heat in you home.

Wild Rodents

It’s not just intimidating heat that wants to get into your home. Whether it’s because of the summer highs or the winter lows, rodents and other animals take refuge in the dark yet warm and dry areas of your residence.

While your basement and garage can become a home for critters, your roof cavity is a haven for a more significant number of nuisances, including, mice, birds, possums and rats.

Worse yet, these animals may require professional removal from a crawl space, your walls, or your roof cavity. Animal removal, alongside repairs for excessive damage caused by them, can become expensive. Put an end to this by repairing minuscule gaps and other possible entry points via your roof.

Drips from holes or cracks

The annual 790 millilitres of rainfall is another weather condition you don’t want to invite into your home. Similar to how a rodent can make a six-millimetre hole as large as half a foot, water damage can rot wooden roofing material, causing it to deteriorate and become a larger gap.

Water can also swell the roof frame, damage the rafters, and leak onto your inner walls, causing your wallpaper to stain and paint to peel.

So, if you’re wondering, “is roof restoration worth it?” call on our roof specialists to walk you through the restoration process. They’ll assist you with patching up holes permanently and strengthening weakened parts of your roof that absorb excess water.

Why Choose Fremantle Roofing Services in Perth, WA.

Whether you’re looking to replace your tile roof, repair your tiles, or restore the peak of your home, count on the experts at Fremantle Roofing Services in Perth, WA. Our new customers and long-time customers of 25 years alike are raving about our roofers’ punctuality, professionalism, and responsiveness.

We also have unwavering confidence in our roofing technicians, which allows us to back each roofing job up with a 10-year warranty. On top of this, we also take pride in our high-end products and will provide each residential and commercial estate with a 15-year manufacturing warranty.

These state-of-the-art materials will keep the harsh elements and nosy critters out of your home. They’ll also create an aesthetically pleasing look, increasing curb appeal for prospective buyers and enhancing neighbourhood market value.

Upon deciding to work with one or more of our fully licensed contractors who follow Australian regulations to a tee, you’ll realize the answer to “is roof restoration worth it?” is a resounding yes! For answers to your questions, costs or to get a free quote, call 0400-854-758