Who says no to DIY roof repairs if it means cheaper cost? If you are a thrifty homeowner, you can’t say no to such a bargain!

The truth is… DIY can go wrong sometimes, especially if you are uninformed of the basics of roof repairs. In reality, there is a big difference with work quality between DIY and professional roof repairs.


There may be various advantages to DIY repairs; however, jeopardising roof quality and performance is relatively high.

For professional roof restoration in Perth, check out Fremantle Roofing Services. You may jeopardise work quality and performance in terms of choosing the wrong material or application of wrong roofing solutions.

What else could go wrong during DIY roof repairs?


Alterations are common in DIY roof repairs. Various changes are made when administering roofing solutions.

Alterations are time-consuming and may affect other parts of the roofing system. It requires time to fit in your roofing materials and, in some cases, may also lead to new roofing issues.

Too much alteration is inefficient. It cost a lot of money and may also jeopardise the quality of the roof.


Wrong type of material

The quest to finding a cheap roofing product sometimes leads to buying the wrong material. Buying the wrong material is a waste of money and a big no-no for your roof.

The wrong type of roofing material or product can create further damage to your roof. It can also lessen the roof life span.

Slate ShinglesClay Tile

However, if you have decided to go for professional roof repairs, the roofer can guide you in which type of roofing material suits your roof. It saves you time and money, as well.

Low-quality work

Admit it! Roof quality is downgraded during DIY roof repairs. It can be due to a lack of tools, poor quality of products and limited knowledge.

The absence of proper tools during roof repairs affects work quality. It also slows down the repair process leading to inefficiency on your part.

Poor knowledge can also result in poor work quality. Small mistakes, such as choosing the wrong type of paint, hurt the performance and quality of the roof.


Poor DIY roof repairs are inconvenient due to a lack of tools and limited knowledge. Poor planning can disrupt daily life activities in the household.

If you own a business, it affects the productivity level as you may need to close down the office for a day or two so you can administer the repair.


If you have hired a professional, repairs could be done in a day or hours. DIY roof repairs may not be safe for you due to a lack of safety equipment. It may lead to accidents or exposure to a poisonous substance when dealing with roofing treatment.

Choose professional roof repairs

To achieve cost-effective and high-quality roofing, choose professional roof repairs.

It saves a lot of money, time and effort.

Most of all, it prevents heartaches and stress as you do not need to deal with alterations!

Less roof repairs and extended roof lifespan are a few benefits that you can gain from hiring a professional service.

It is always worth investing in a professional roofing service to avoid a poor quality roofing system, which is expensive to maintain.

Reach out to Fremantle Roofing Services if you’re looking for roof restorations in Perth!

All work comes with a 10 year written guarantee on completion!

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