Your home’s roof is a significant investment that requires regular maintenance. If your roof is damaged, it may be time for a roof repointing. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t familiar with repointing roof costs.
Our experts at Fremantle Roofing Services created this guide to repointing roof costs in Perth. Here, you’ll find all the information you need on roof repointing costs, plus ways to determine if repointing is right for you.

What Is Roof Repointing?

Over time, your roof gets damaged from age, wind, water, and other factors. As a result, Perth homeowners may notice missing roof tiles, loose cement in their gutters, or roof leaks.
If you notice any of these issues, your roof may need repointing services. Unless you invest in repointing, you could risk further problems like mould or water damage.
Roof repointing is a process that restores your roof’s pointing, or the flexible mortar that helps hold your tiles in place, keep your roof in good structural condition, and prevent moisture from getting into your home.

During the repointing process, roofers remove damaged tiles on and around the ridge capping, reapply bedding, replace the tiles, and reseal the cracks with a durable, flexible pointing compound.

The main elements of the repointing process include:


Pointing is a mortar that adheres to your roofing tiles. Previously, roofers turned to inflexible cement for the pointing process. Now, a flexible polymer compound has become the industry standard. The flexible mixture won’t crack from UV exposure and will last over 25 years when applied correctly.
Pointing seals cracks along the edges of your roof tiles and ridge capping. It comes in many different colours to match your tiles.

Roof Pointing


Bedding is a mortar that holds ridge caps to the roof’s surface. The contractor-grade adhesive uses a blend of sand and concrete to secure the ridge capping. Bedding holds your roof’s ridge capping to the top edges of your building and can last around 30 years.

Roof Bedding

Ridge Capping

Ridge capping is the tiling that protects the edges where two sections of your roof meet. Pointing and bedding hold these tiles in place. Repointing services focus on repairing the ridge capping and the areas where the pointing adheres to the tile.

ridge capping tiles

Understanding the Repointing Roof Cost

Typically, companies base repointing costs on the size of your roof. For example, industry-standard prices usually range from $8 to $15 per cap for bedding/pointing services.
The cost of roof restoration varies depending on several factors. The type of roof tile you have, your roof’s current condition, and its age, size, and shape all contribute to how much you will pay.

If you haven’t invested in regular roof maintenance, you can expect a higher restoration cost. Perth residents with significant ridge capping damage will need more extensive repairs than homeowners who maintain their roofs regularly and get repairs as soon as they discover problems.

If you notice any issues with your roof, it is best to contact a professional right away for a free inspection. In doing so, you’ll reduce future expenses and reduce the risk of damage.
With that said, consider the following factors that influence the cost of your roof repointing project.

1. Types of Tiles

Many residences in Perth have terracotta or cement roofing tiles. While popular, these roofing materials are prone to weather damage. That said, your ridge capping takes the biggest hit because it protects critical areas on your roof. As a result, damage to these tiles will add to your costs.
Below, we’ll discuss the differences between the two most common roofing materials in Perth.

Terracotta Roof Tiles

Clay, or terracotta, roof tiles crack easily when exposed to pressure or high temperatures. While they’re more durable than cement, the thin clay tiles aren’t strong enough to withstand sudden impact or extreme temperatures. As heat builds under the tiles, tiny cracks form in the clay. In time, these cracks can spread and cause more damage.
Further, terracotta tiling is more expensive than cement due to its mould-resistant properties. Because of its higher base price, most companies will increase your repointing cost to cover the cost of your materials.

A Terracotta Roof Tile
cement roof tile

Cement Tiles

If you’ve got a concrete tile roof, you know that they require regular upkeep due to their porous nature, which encourages mould growth. Cement tiles can also sustain damage from sudden impact. Even so, cement tiles are generally less expensive than terracotta, so homeowners who use cement tiling may save more money on their repointing roof costs.

2. Condition of the Roof

No matter how well you maintain your roof, some structural damage is unavoidable due to factors like harsh weather conditions and natural debris. Still, a roof with missing capping, damaged pointing, and exposed bedding will need more repairs than a roof with a couple of cracked tiles.

Repointing costs will increase based on how much damage your roof has sustained. In some cases, your roof may require re-bedding before professionals can repair the ridge capping. Keeping your roof in good condition will help minimise damage and reduce your repointing costs.

3. Roof Age

Age is a significant contributor to the condition of your roof. Years of hard rains and hot temperatures increase wear and tear. Without regular maintenance, even a new roof can appear much older than it is.

Even so, older roofs tend to develop more problems than new roofs. From cracked pointing to missing tiles, time can compound the most common roofing issues. In some cases, your roofing team may recommend investing in a new roof rather than paying for ongoing repairs.
Further, if you have an older home, you may require a complete repointing job. Many old houses were built using brittle, inflexible cement pointing. As a result, your roofing team will need to replace all of your pointing with a durable modern compound.

4. Roof Size and Shape

Did you know that your roof repointing costs may vary depending on the size of your roof and the height of your building? Your roofing team may also increase your quote if they have to navigate around any severely damaged areas or other safety hazards.
The shape of your roof will affect the final price as well. Roofs with more edges often sustain more damage, so if your home has multiple ridges or a steep pitch, you may pay more.

Benefits of Roof Repointing

Repointing may not seem like an urgent repair need at first. However, it helps protect your home from mould growth and reduces the risk of water damage. In addition, repointing increases the safety of your roof, moderates your indoor temperatures, saves you money, and extends your roof’s life.

Other benefits include:

1. Reduced Risk of Future Damage

Broken tiles leave your roof bedding exposed. In some cases, broken tiles may even reveal the roofing paper and insulation. This creates the perfect opportunity for water to wreak havoc throughout your home.
Repointing your roof gives you the water-resistant seal you need to keep moisture out, while new, secure ridge capping will protect your roof and reduce the risk of further damage.

2. Increased Safety

A worn roof can become a safety hazard in some cases. Loose tiles can slide off your roof during harsh weather, water damage can create problems within your home’s structure, and moisture can encourage mould and mildew growth.
Fortunately, you can prevent these health hazards by addressing the root of the problem and investing in roof repointing. Repointing ensures that your tiles and ridge capping are tightly sealed and secure, resulting in a reduced risk of loose tiles, water damage, or mould.

3. Fewer Repair Costs

While roof repointing services aren’t cheap, they will help you save money in the long run. Repairing the ridge capping on your home prevents water and debris from impacting the surface below the tile. If you don’t have to worry about water damage, you’ll significantly reduce your repair costs.

Your roof represents a significant investment, so you want to make it last as long as possible. While repointing may be expensive up front, delaying maintenance allows issues to worsen and increases your chances of a major repair or replacement.

4. Extended Roof Longevity

Regular maintenance is one of the most effective ways to extend your roof’s life. However, repairs are another essential aspect. Roof repointing extends your roof’s life by removing damaged material, replacing it to prevent further issues, and using flexible pointing to seal minor cracks and crevices in your roof.

Roof Restoration Services in Perth

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