Congratulations on your new colorbond roof! You have made the right decision by choosing colorbond. It is an excellent choice, next to aluminium, steel and metal roofing. It is also a popular roofing choice for residential and commercial property owners because it is corrosive resistant, stylish and cost-effective. Plus it is a perfect choice for battling against the harsh Australian weather!

Trivia: Did you know that colorbond is one of the most popular roofing choices in Australia? Sleek design and thermal performance are amongst the reasons why it is a popular choice for Australian homeowners.

Colorbond roofing comes in various colours and sizes and is also made of top quality steel sheets making it a perfect choice for people who live in areas with a harsh climate. No wonder it’s the number one choice in Australia!

Colorbond Roof Installation 101

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So, how do roofers install the colorbond roof?

First thing first, DIY colorbond roof installation is not recommended.  A small installation mistake can lead to an eyesore and may also end up costing a lot in alterations. So, it is best to get professional help!

Here’s the step by step process for colorbond installation:

  • Install the guttering and fascias.
  • Install the sarking or roofing blanket.
  • Layout the sheets and mark it with a chalk line.
  • Clean the roof.

Guttering and Fascias

There is a wide variety of styles, sizes, designs and profiles for gutters, fascia and downpipes these can complement a colorbond roof. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer so be sure to check it properly and be content that you have made the right choice before the installation.  You can also ask the supplier for the best profile and size that is appropriate for your roof.

The Importance of Sarking

Sarking is important when installing metal roofing as it prevents condensation. Condensation can lead to rust which can damage the roof in the long term. Think about it… without the condensation filter, the underside panel will turn rusty, plus it may also deteriorate the timber and damage the plaster in the roof.

Laying out the sheets

After the sheets are placed in, they are marked with a chalk line and cut before being put in place. Make sure to align the sheets. Add Flashings and Cappings to finish off the roof and make it watertight.

Final Wave – Roof Cleaning

You need to clean the roof to remove dirt and debris from the roofing material. Remove the tiny metal fragments using a pressure. It is important to get rid of the roofing fragments to prevent corrosion and damage.

Important Tips for Choosing Top Quality Colorbond Sheets for your Home:
  • Get professional help.

I can read your mind… DIY sounds interesting and fun. However, a tiny mistake can lead to a costly repair – which every homeowner wants to prevent.  Professional roofers conduct an assessment before installing your roof, so you’ll know the approximate cost.

  • Do your research.

Installing a colorbond roof is quite a complicated process. There are a few things that you need to check such as size, colours, design and other accessories that complement the architectural style of your home. With research, you’ll find the best deals in the market and perhaps cut your entire roofing expenses.

  • Look at other options.

Do not rule out other options for metal roofing such as aluminium and steel. They are also made of top quality material and are suitable in areas with a harsh climate. It would be best if you talk to a few suppliers before deciding on a new roofing system.

Do you want to talk to a professional for colorbond roof installation? If so… reach out to Fremantle Roofing Services.