Homeowners considering selling their home may wonder, “will roofing and home maintenance improve my property value?” A Roof restoration offers many benefits that improve property value and is more affordable than a complete roof replacement. If you’re looking to upgrade your property value, look no further than Fremantle Roofing Services.

Whether you plan to sell your home or keep it after getting restorations, you can significantly increase your home’s value by getting roof restoration services. At Fremantle Roofing Services, our team offers over 25 years of roof restoration expertise. Choose us for a high-quality roof restoration that increases your roof’s longevity and boosts your home’s value.

Ways a Roof Restoration Can Increase Property Value

Before and after a roof restoration in perth

For Perth residents wondering, “will roofing and home maintenance improve my property value?” there are many ways roof restoration services increase property value. Professionals have the knowledge to make effective repairs that transform your roof altogether.

A professional roof restoration increases value by:

  • Improving your home’s curb appeal
  • Attracting buyers’ interest
  • Increasing your home’s energy efficiency
  • Preventing future roofing issues
  • Extending the roof’s warranty
  • Fending off pests and damage


Improves Curb Appeal

The number one answer to “how will roofing and home maintenance improve my property value?” is that it will significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. The last thing someone wants to see is missing shingles or a falling gutter system when driving past your house or looking for homes for sale. Getting a roof restoration and other home improvement services makes a good impression.

Potential buyers want to imagine themselves in your home. By making your property look as aesthetically appealing as possible, you can charge more for your property. A good-looking roof that also provides ample protection is in high demand.

Attracts Potential Buyers

No one wants to purchase a home with a damaged roof. A restored roof looks brand new, making your home much more attractive to prospective buyers. Considering a roof is such a significant investment, more people won’t mind paying high prices for a home if the roof is in good condition.

A shabby, damaged roof sticks out like a sore thumb to potential home buyers. Even if the roof isn’t brand new, your home’s value will increase considerably compared to a house that doesn’t get roof restorations.

Increases Durability and Extends the Warranty

How else will roofing and home maintenance improve my property value? A roof restoration is ideal for all types of roofing and increases its strength and durability. During a restoration, roofers replace all damaged components with new pieces to strengthen the roof and increase its longevity without requiring a total replacement.

Potential buyers want a roof that stands up against high winds, storms, UV rays, and more. Your home’s roof becomes more durable with quality materials, detailed repairs, and a waterproof membrane application.

Many roofing companies extend roof warranties with additional services, including roofing maintenance and restoration. Future homeowners could enjoy a restored roof for up to 50 years, adding incredible value to your home.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Energy and cost savings are valuable to any prospective home buyer. With global warming worsening daily, many home buyers want a house that protects them well from the elements. Many will pay higher amounts for a home that offers such benefits.

In addition to an energy-efficient cooling system, a restored roof is instrumental in reflecting UV rays and absorbing the right amount of heat during the winter. Australia’s temperatures are no match for a restored roof. Environmentally-concerned homeowners will find your home’s roof meets their energy needs and offers excellent savings.

Prevents Future Issues for Longer

Roofing repairs are a significant part of the roof restoration process. By restoring your roof with professionals’ help, you get detailed services that repair issues of all sizes. Expert roofers have the equipment, skills, and expertise to employ effective repairs that prevent a leaking roof and other issues.

Buyers are more likely to purchase your home if the roof could last years before needing repairs. How long will roofing and home maintenance improve my property value? Your home’s value starts benefitting as soon as you get a roof restoration, and services may prevent severe roofing issues for 20 to 50 years.

Whether you did roof restorations five months ago or five years ago, the type of roofing material can significantly affect your roof’s longevity. Restoring a slate tile roof could prevent issues for up to 100 years.

Keeps Pests Away

Pests like squirrels, mice, spiders, and other insects find their way into your home through a damaged roof. Damage from pests is inconvenient for both current homeowners and potential buyers. These pests may contribute to further damage or wreak havoc elsewhere in your home, decreasing its value further.

A roof that doesn’t need repairs or maintenance adds value to your home as new homeowners don’t have to deal with the inconveniences of pests, leaks, and mould growth.

Future homeowners don’t want to deal with destructive pests, and pest removal services are an additional expense you shouldn’t have to get when trying to sell your home. A roof restoration prevents these issues.

Increase Your Property Value With Roof Restoration Services

Fremantle Roofing Services is Perth’s leading roof restoration company. If you’re looking to sell your home, we can help you increase your property value without replacing your entire roof. Consider a roof restoration from our detail-oriented roofers.

No matter your home’s maintenance needs, we can ensure your roof is in optimal shape before you sell. Whether you have missing shingles, leaks, storm damage, mould growth, or other issues, our team identifies them, resolves them, and restores your roof with leading solutions. Choose us for ultimate transparency and the best prices.

Are you still wondering, “will roofing and home maintenance improve my property value?” Get professional advice, then schedule roof restoration services with Fremantle Roofing Services in Coogee, WA. Contact our skilled roofing team today at 0400 854 758.

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