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Pergola roofing is a type of roofing structure with crossbeam or latticed covering which can be feestanding or attached to your home. The purpose of the pergola roof is to enhance the aesthetic of your patio and the architectural design of your home. However, it only provides a minimal shade due to open latticework.

pergola roofing

Building and installation of the pergola roof require professional help to ensure high-quality work and to accurately match the landscape of the entire property. For pergola roofing in Perth, contact Fremantle Roofing Services!

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Types of Pergola Roofing

There are different types of pergolas which vary in shapes and sizes. You can choose a small pergola roof to cover the small area of your doorstep or cover the walkway of your house.

There are two main types of pergolas which are the gable and flat roof. Consider the purpose of installing the pergola to effectively choose the best type.

You can also incorporate shapes and designs to enhance the appearance of the property and achieve an interesting look. Ask the pergola roof installer about the most suited design for your home or property.

Gable Pergola

Gable pergolas have a higher roof and open end. Its rafters are cut on a disciplined angle meeting at the center of the structure. With the gable pergola, you can notice the roofline of your home and its style.

The good thing about gable pergolas is, you can easily customise its design with timbers and other materials that emulate the ceiling.

Gable Pergola

It also functions as an architectural decoration that allows more space under the roof and gives the roofline an exposed unique appearance.

Flat Pergola

The flat or skillion pergola is a versatile structure that showcases flexibility and style. It uses the standard roof sheeting with a 5-degree pitch for the water flow. There are also flat pergolas with heavy-duty roof sheets for the lower-pitched roof.

The flat roof pergola is an excellent choice for houses with smaller backyards as it can minimise space to showcase the landscape and design of the house. It is also more cost-effective if compared to other types of pergolas

Final Thoughts on Pergolas 

Pergolas are good for enhancing the aesthetics and landscape of your property. It has a versatile design that is suitable for big and small properties. You can also have a customised pergola design to showcase your property better.

Both flat and gable pergolas are versatile as you can attach it to one or more sides of your home. However, the installation of a pergola roof depends on the architectural design of your home.

Ask for professional help in installing the pergola roof to ensure a good job and a high-quality roof. Always remember that there are a few things to consider before choosing the right type of pergola roof.

It is best to get advice from someone who is knowledgeable. Get a recommendation from the pergola roof installer about the best type of pergola for your property.

Lastly, the pergola roof is not only for enhancing the appearance of your patio or the entire property, but also for providing shade and keeping your doorstep from getting wet when raining.

Contact Fremantle Roofing Services to find out more details about the installation of the pergola roof sheeting in Perth!

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