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How to change a roof tile

At Fremantle Roofing Service we are proud to help the people of Perth WA with helpful roofing tips. Below is a video that will explain in detail how to change a roof tile so you can do it without damaging your homes roof. for any other questions please contact us at P: 0400 854 758 or email Remember we are the roof restoration Perth experts you can trust for all your roofing needs.

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Roof Restoration Tips

Are you planning to start your home improvement project? Are you looking for affordable yet high-quality roofing supplies? Are you curious to know how to find the best roofing supplier in your area? How can you save on roof restoration costs throughout the Perth? Let me show you! For details about roofing supplies in Perth, reach out to Fremantle Roofing Services! Get Your Free Quote Get recommendations and referrals Get recommendations from friends, families, neighbours, and acquaintances about suppliers of roof materials in your area. List down potential roof supply companies and check each one of them. Check out the company’s website to view its history,  products, and customer reviews. Through reading the customer reviews, you can justify the quality of the product and services offered. Look for a well-established company with positive customer reviews and premium products. Consider a local supplier Start your search for a roofing supplier in your area. Getting the right information is more convenient plus you can easily visit the shop or office for queries. Always make time to talk to the supplier and learn more about their products. Using a local supplier can also prevent scams as you can easily get to know the company before doing any purchase. Beware of suppliers who offer low-priced roofing materials. It may be a sign of a poor product. Check warranties Warranties are important when purchasing roofing materials. Know the importance of signed warranties for legal purposes and to avoid misunderstanding. Always check product warranties. Be aware of the warranty details as you may need it in the future and to avoid confusion. [...]

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Pergola Roofing

Pergola roofing is a type of roofing structure with crossbeam or latticed covering which can be feestanding or attached to your home. The purpose of the pergola roof is to enhance the aesthetic of your patio and the architectural design of your home. However, it only provides a minimal shade due to open latticework. Building and installation of the pergola roof require professional help to ensure high-quality work and to accurately match the landscape of the entire property. For pergola roofing in Perth, contact Fremantle Roofing Services! Get Your Free Quote Types of Pergola Roofing There are different types of pergolas which vary in shapes and sizes. You can choose a small pergola roof to cover the small area of your doorstep or cover the walkway of your house. There are two main types of pergolas which are the gable and flat roof. Consider the purpose of installing the pergola to effectively choose the best type. You can also incorporate shapes and designs to enhance the appearance of the property and achieve an interesting look. Ask the pergola roof installer about the most suited design for your home or property. Gable Pergola Gable pergolas have a higher roof and open end. Its rafters are cut on a disciplined angle meeting at the center of the structure. With the gable pergola, you can notice the roofline of your home and its style. The good thing about gable pergolas is, you can easily customise its design with timbers and other materials that emulate the ceiling. It also functions as an architectural decoration that allows more [...]

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Affordable Roof Restorations

Do you need advice on how to acquire Affordable Roof Restorations? How can you achieve a cost-effective roofing system without overspending? How can you find the most suitable roofer to do the job? If you’re looking for affordable roof restorations in Perth WA, check out Fremantle Roofing Services! Let me share effective tips on how to acquire the most Affordable roof restorations in your area: Research.  Look around and ask. Find out the best roof restoration deals by getting recommendations from friends, families, neighbours, and acquaintances. (It is always the best way of getting reliable information.) You can also get information from the internet by searching for affordable roof restoration companies in your area. Always check customer reviews, services, and work references to ensure that you will be in good hands. Consider roof assessment.  A roof assessment should always be considered before starting any roof restoration job. With proper roof assessment, you will be informed about the damage to your roof, type of roof restoration, and the costs involved. Roof assessment is an important step in roof restoration as you will be presented with other options to preserve your damaged roof. Regular roof assessment is also needed to detect the damages in your roof and to administer quick fix which can result in cheaper roof restoration expenses. Set a budget. After deciding about the type of roof restoration that you need, you can proceed to budget planning. Set a reasonable budget and stick to it. (No matter what!) To get the right budget, you have to decide on the type of roof restoration and how much can you spend. You can also add a little bit to [...]

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Metal Roofing: Advantages

Did you know that the metal roofing is one of the roofing systems with the longest lifespan? It has various advantages that can benefit property owners on a long-term basis. Rest assured, the metal roofing is an excellent choice! For metal roofing installation in Perth, talk to Fremantle Roofing Services! Why Choose Metal Roofing for your Property or Business: Roof Longevity Metal roofing is one of the roofing systems that has the longest lifespan. Most metal roofs last up to 60 + years without being worn out and showing signs of degradation. They are also resistant to shrinking, eroding, and cracking which makes them withstand even the harshest weather. Metal roofs have a special coating for waterproofing, to prevent rust, and to deflect heat.  It is important to choose the best coating for the panels for long-term performance. Talk to a roof specialist for metal roof coating. Low Roof Maintenance  Metal roofs require little to no maintenance, especially if it installed properly. It only needs simple maintenance such as removing the leaves and other debris off the roof. If dirt and debris do not come off, you may consider hiring a professional roofer for roof cleaning. Always remove dirt and other debris from your metal roof to avoid blockage in the guttering system and potential leaks. Cut down branches hanging down to your roof to maintain a cleaner surface. With a metal roof, you don’t have to worry about paying for the maintenance and other roofing solutions. Eco-friendly  The metal roof is an eco-friendly roofing system because any tear-off metals, panels, and other excess materials can be reused in other products. It [...]

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Types of Roofing Sheets

There are different types of roofing sheets variations that are tailored to your needs and requirements. It is essential to know the description of every kind of roof sheet for you to choose the best one for your home or property. In reality, the roofing system is one of the biggest investments property owners have. It is vital to ensure that you have got the right type of roofing material to avoid high costs in roofing, maintenance, and restoration. Check out Fremantle Roofing Services for premium quality yet cheap roof sheets in Perth! Polycarbonate Roof Sheets Polycarbonate roof sheets are one of the most refined roofing sheets in the market. It comes in transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque with colors of tint and orange. The polycarbonate sheeting is known for its versatility, durability, strength, light transmission, and consistency. It is widely used in commercial and residential roofing all over the world. With the polycarbonate roof sheet, you can comfortably sit under a pergola roof or patio while enjoying natural sunlight and without feeling hot. The polycarbonate sheet can control light and heat transmission giving your home a cooler temperature. Plastic Roof Sheets The plastic roof sheet is an environment-friendly roofing material that is produced for the formulation of UV Resistance Flat Translucent Roof Sheets. It comes in different shades, such as transparent and translucent, which are all UV resistant. Plastic roof sheets looks attractive in small or big properties. They are widely used in factories, hospitals, and warehouses. The more durable the plastic is, the more costly it is. The quality of a plastic roof sheet can nearly be compared to that of a polycarbonate sheet. Get [...]

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Colorbond Tin Roof Install

  Leaky Roof Restoration Bicton - East Fremantle When we arrived on site in Bicton last week the team at Frematle Roofing Services was contracted to replace an old tin laundry roof. This little Tin laundry roof was for a block of units in East Fremantle.  Tin roofing is very common throughout the Fremantle area whether it be on unit complexes, government buildings or maybe just your old laundry roof. This old roof was corroded and starting to leak creating dampness and water ingress which was pretty inconvenient for the tenants. It was also pretty ugly as it was on the lower level of a double story complex making it was very visible and unsightly for the residents. Once on the job, the team removed the old steel roof and replaced it with off white super deck roof sheeting which is a blue scope steel Colorbond product. The blue scope steel is far superior to the older material used in trim deck style roofing as they are weather resistant and designed for the tough Australian conditions. There is also a huge range of colours to choose from so your roof can also create an appealing look as well as keeping the elements out. Colorbond roofing can be a very cost effective solution for fixing leaks in any roof. If you require assistance in fixing or replacing a leaking roof feel free to reach out to us for assistance today. Get Your Free Quote

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Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate roofing is thermoplastic roofing which is extremely light and inexpensive. At first, it was popularly used in conservatories and later on commercial buildings. Now, it is also used in residential roofing. Additionally, it is an unbreakable roof with 250 times impact strength of float glass and 30 times of acrylic which makes it a good choice for many types of roofing systems. There is also bullet-resistant polycarbonate which is used as a police shield. Talk to Fremantle Roofing Services for polycarbonate roofing in Perth! Types of Polycarbonate Roofing There are two types of polycarbonate roofing which are both thermoplastic, durable, lightweight, shatterproof, and can resist any weather and temperature. The only difference between the two is the appearance and installation process. Always seek professional help for polycarbonate roof installation to avoid poor quality work, damage, and accidents. The installation of polycarbonate roofs needs professional supervision to ensure that panels are properly attached to each other. Clear Polycarbonate Roofing The clear polycarbonate roof has a resemblance with a transparent or translucent glass which can be clear or tinted and in different colours to help influx the light. It has a protective layer film that helps filter out UV light. Clear polycarbonate roofs are widely used in conservatories. Nowadays, it is starting to become an alternative for any roof that uses glass such as greenhouses, sunrooms, and solariums. Property owners prefer the clear polycarbonate roof because it is less expensive (compared to glass panels), lightweight, and durable. It also eliminates the risks of cracks and leakage. Foam-Backed Polycarbonate Roofing The foam-backed polycarbonate roof has a similar [...]

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Residential Roofing Company

If you are looking to hire a residential roofing company, you need to consider a few factors before deciding to use the services that they offer. The quality of the work that is being delivered is always a prime consideration. Get to know their services before you hire them. Always be cautious with cheaply priced residential roof companies! I’ll tell you why if you continue reading. What to Look for in Residential Roof Companies Finding a trusted residential roof company to facilitate roof works could be a challenge.  You need proof of high-quality work and if their services will help you achieve cost-effective roofing in the long run. The best way for you to fully decide is to check the following residential roof company features: Work Guarantee Not all residential roof companies offer a proper work guarantee. A typical roof contractor should provide at least 2 to 3 years. Make sure to get the work guarantee in writing to ensure validity. Warranties are essential features as you do not want to pay extra for the residential roof due to incorrect installation. Safety Check safety training and certificates before hiring a roofing contractor. A residential roof company without safety training and certification may not be suitable for the job. Make sure that roofers are using PPE equipment during the repair process. License Do not hire a roofing contractor without a license. They may not be trained to do the job, which can potentially lead to severe roof damage. Besides, a license is needed to carry out roof works in most states and territories. Insurance Ask for a copy of insurance certificates for validation. A roofing contractor should have insurance for employees and subcontractors. [...]

Residential Roofing Contractors

Residential roofing concerns are often ignored by homeowners and only gets noticed when severe roof damage occurs. Hiring professional residential roofing contractors is strongly recommended for roof maintenance and solutions. Unattended residential roof problems may lead to total roof replacement, higher repair cost, and a complication to your daily life. There are so many reasons why you should consider hiring a professional roof contractor that specialises in residential roofing. Find out more below! 7 Key Benefits of Hiring a Residential Roofing Contractor Safety Is climbing your roof worth getting injured? NO! Residential roof contractors are experts in dealing with roof safety and regulations. They will ensure that the area is secured and safe for everyone by using demarcation lines and safety equipment. Time-saving One of the major benefits of hiring a residential roof contractor is to help you save time in repairing the roof. Residential roofing contractors can get the job done quickly in a short period. In some cases, unsuccessful DIY roof repairs will give you no choice but to contact a residential roof expert – where repair may take time and cost more money. Avoid further damage DIY roof repairs may lead to severe roof damage due to the application of wrong roofing products which can even lead to a collapsing roof and injury. Unsuccessful roof repair attempts can result in further damage, high roof repair costs, and accidents. So, it is best to leave the roofing jobs to the experts. Cost-effective To achieve high-quality and cost-effective residential roofing, you must be prepared to invest in hiring a professional roof contractor. Residential roofing contractors provide long term roof repair solutions and save you a lot of money on maintenance [...]