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Do you live in Bicton? Are you looking for a roof repair service? Do you need expert advice on how to fix your leaky roof?

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Fremantle Roofing Services offer roof restoration Services in Bicton!

Roof restoration is one of the most convenient and cheapest ways of preserving your roof. It involves cleaning, repairs and painting, of the roof.

Bicton, being in the riverside area of Perth and a few kilometers away from the business district is an attractive area to settle.

Before Colorbond Roof Renovation Bitcon WAAfter Colorbond Roof renovation Bicton WA

If your property is around the area, a roof restoration is a  good option for a tired-looking roof as it can add to its market value. (If you are planning to sell it in future)

Signs On Your Roof To Consider Repairs Or Restoration

Leaky roof

Leakage is one of the most common roofing problems. If you notice dark spots, mold or moisture on your ceiling, it could be an indication of a roof leak.

Do not ignore roof leaks, if left unattended they can cause major problems such as plaster damage, mold issues and in extreme cases the ceiling may collapse.

Tile or Metal Corrosion

If you are a property owner in Bicton, corrosion is one of the most common roofing problems being close to both the river and ocean. If you notice rusty sheeting, or fretting tiles, roof restoration may be an option for you

Corrosion or rust can lead to roof leaks and other roofing problems. Ask for professional to help and inspect your roof for corrosion and other problems.

Roof Deterioration

 If your roof is deteriorating, it does not necessarily mean that you need a total roof replacement. Roof restoration is one of the most effective ways to preserve a deteriorating roof.

At this point, only a professional can help you. An expert roofer can administer an effective solution to preserve the condition of the roof without replacing all of the parts.

Mold growth

 Mold develops due to moisture that comes from leaks and exposure on some parts of the roofing system. You can easily notice mold because of its strong smell and unattractive appearance.

Mold is also hazardous. It can result in respiratory problems. If you notice mold on your ceilings and walls, do not wait to have it treated and removed.

These are the most common problems being encountered by our clients from Bicton. We advise anyone with similar roofing problems to have the roof checked for potential problems.

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Roof Restoration Bicton by Fremantle Roofing Services 

Fremantle Roofing Services offers roof repair services in Bicton and nearby areas. We specialize in roof restoration works – big or small.

We have been in the industry since 1995 and take pride in excellent customer service and high satisfaction ratings. Our friendly team is here to answer all queries and lead you to the most effective ways to achieve a cost-effective roofing system.

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