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Are you looking for roof repair & restoration services in Ardross? Do you need someone to inspect your roof? Would you like to know the condition of your roof? Fremantle Roofing Services can help you!

Fremantle Roofing Services can conduct a roof inspection to check the quality of your roof and provide a free no obligation quote for repairs or a full roof restoration.

Roof Maintenance & Roof Restoration Signs

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Poor roof appearance

You don’t need to be an expert to know your roof may require some maintenance. Broken tiles, loose cement under ridge capping and peeling or faded paint are all signs that your roof might need maintenance. Internal signs may be stains on the ceiling or the appearance of mold.

Fretted roof tiles

A common problem with older homes near the coast is fretted or crumbling roof tiles. In many cases a repair is possible by removing these tiles and replacing them however in some cases the percentage of fretted tiles is to significant and roof replacement is a better and more permanent solution. Fremantle Roofing Services will offer your best options and most effective resolution.

Moss and lichen growth

Spots of moss and lichen on your roof are not necessarily something that will cause problems however once the moss or lichen becomes thick it can block the water channels between the tiles causing water ingress. The solution is a pressure clean. By removing the moss, the rain water is able to flow down the tiles towards your guttering.

Poor ventilation

Poor roof ventilation can cause mold inside your home. Good roof insulation and the addition of whirly birds can really improve the circulation of air in your roof cavity which will eliminate your ventilation issues. It’s not uncommon to see mold appearing on the ceiling of homes particularly throughout the winter months, Fremantle Roofing Services can advise you on the best solution to eliminate these problems.

Fremantle Roofing Services in Ardross

Fremantle Roofing Services will help you achieve a high-quality roofing system at an affordable price. It is our mission to provide a premium quality roofing solution which can help you save in the long run.

Choose Fremantle Roofing Services for a roof repair & restoration or inspection in Ardross!

We will conduct a thorough roof inspection to ensure that all problem areas are covered on your roof. We are always prepared to present various options for roof restoration and guide you to choosing the best roofing material for your property.

Is it possible to repair bad roofing?


If you use professionals to handle all of the roof restoration works in your property. Fremantle Roofing Services offer free no obligation quotes, call to organize a a quote at your convenience.

For more details about our roofing services in Ardross, reach out to Fremantle Roofing Services!

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Adam and his team are awesome, they did amazing job, and were able to deal with problems that poped up would definitely recommend.


All work comes with a 10 year written guarantee on completion!

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